Why Choose Direct Lending in Colorado Springs?

Great investment properties aren’t cheap and sometimes you need to put in a few hundred thousand dollars to get good returns. Most prospective investors turn towards banks and traditional lending institutions to get assistance, but they’re not always the best options. At Abbey Mortgage & Investments, we encourage you to consider direct lending in Colorado Springs. This type of loan offers several advantages over traditional bank options and can be beneficial for your business. 

What is Direct Lending?

Direct lending is a service provided by private lenders and is popular with real estate investors. Traditional lending is time-consuming, complex, and challenging. In most cases, banks take 3 to 6 months to approve a loan and that can compromise an investor’s strategy. Direct lending is faster and more efficient so you can get the required financial assistance in a matter of days. 

We focus on the investment potential and value of your property instead of looking at credit history or other such factors. We approve the loan application quickly if a client has a strong investment strategy and a good track record in the field. Some clients get money in the bank in a matter of days. We take some time with more challenging applications but even they are approved within a few weeks so you don’t wait for too long. 

Our team focuses on the investment potential and value of the property, considers your level of commitment, and takes your strategy into account before granting the loan. This means it is easier to get direct lending in Colorado Springs than it is to get an approval from a bank. 

If you’re looking for some expert advice or need direct lending in Colorado Springs, we at Abbey Mortgage & Investments can help. Contact us today to get a customized plan for your requirements.