The Best Fix and Flip Loans in Colorado Springs

Have you ever come across a property that looks bad but has a lot of hidden potential? These kinds of buildings are great opportunities for an enterprising investor. You can flip or renovate the property so that it is in good condition and then sell it for profit. 

Experienced investors earn a substantial amount of money through such projects. However, these renovations require a lot of capital and traditional loan options often fall short. At Abbey Mortgage & Investments, we provide fix and flip loans in Colorado Springs for this purpose. 

Why Get Hard Money Loans for Fix and Flip Projects?

Hard money loans are asset-based and provided by private lenders. They are uniquely designed to provide quick cash against assets with equity. If you see a promising property on the market and want to buy it quickly, a hard money loan is the best option. We will carefully look at your property, investment strategy, and background to determine if the proposal is profitable before approving the loan. This process takes just a few days or a few weeks if the application is a little complicated. 

In contrast, traditional financial institutions like banks can take around three to six months to make a decision. That’s not a good option for real estate investors because promising properties don’t stay on the market for long. Fix and flip loans in Colorado Springs are ideal for time-sensitive requirements. 

Types of Fix and Flip Loans 

We offer a wide range of customized solutions to our clients. You can discuss the project priorities and goals with our expert to get straightforward advice. Our three loan options are 90/7o program, 80% program, and 70% program. You can discuss these deals with our expert in detail. 

If you’re looking for some expert advice or need fix and flip loans in Colorado Springs, we at Abbey Mortgage & Investments can help. Contact us today to get a customized plan for your requirements.