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Abbey Mortgage & Investments is an expert in Colorado short term loans, commercial bridge loans, private money mortgage loans, and more!

We offer a variety of short term loans for any situation. Apply for your individualized short-term loan today.

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Colorado’s #1 Short Term Loans for Investors

One reason that businesses turn to Abbey Mortgage & Investments is that funding is tight and they are in a pinch. Though the situation is far from ideal, we are here to help with our short-term private money loans to get you through any pinch life may throw at you and your business.

Short Term Loans

More About Our Short Term Loans

Are you interested in acquiring a short term loan?

Colorado commercial property loans are sometimes slow to be approved or limited in the nature of the property securing the loan. Abbey Mortgage can be of great value to helping you get your commercial real estate financing closed on a much more timely basis than might otherwise be possible.

Abbey Mortgage & Investments, Inc. can provide access to highly competitive Colorado lenders that are ideal for short-term commercial financing. Providing a “one-two” punch between Abbey Mortgage’s fast action to get the transaction to the closing table and Abbey’s highly competitive funds.

We can provide Colorado bridge loan financing for property acquisition when time is short and your deal is on the line. Traditional lenders typically can’t move as quickly as you need, or you are short the necessary funds, but have found an exceptional opportunity and have substantial equity in other property. Lynx may be the answer.

Cash-out financing of existing Colorado properties, which are on the market, will give you the liquidity you need to close on a new investment.

With terms that are more flexible than some other lenders, Abbey Mortgage will buy you the time and funds to achieve your goal and expand your portfolio.

Existing Commercial notes, often carried by the seller or other private party are also of interest to Lynx. We will purchase this paper and liberate cash for other uses, usually on a non-recourse basis to the seller.

Contact us today to learn more about short term loans and other commercial mortgage loan types. It’s our passion to assist you in meeting your financial goals.

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