REIA Meetings and Helpful Tips

We are real estate investors, and we write extensively on the topic of real estate investing. We know that most people have no idea what an REIA or REIA meetings can do for them, or how the group can help you. To answer your questions, how about we discuss it in full. 

1: REIA Stands for Real Estate Investors Association

REIA stands for Real Estate Investors Association. If you are a real estate investor, you are likely to hear the acronym thrown around quite often. As a definition, an REIA is an organization or group of investors who offer mentoring, coaching, and support to other real estate investors. 

2: Why Should I Join an REIA near me or Attend REIA Meetings?

If you are asking why you should join an REIA near me, this should help. To be successful in real estate investing, you must stay on top of trends and your own business. To build and manage a successful investing business, you also need connections. Once you have partners, lenders, cash buyers, contractors, and deals, you will be glad you started going. You can surely tell that this is why REIA’s are so beneficial. You get to let others know who you are. Because of this, they get to know you, and maybe you can figure out how you can help each other out! Without a doubt, REIA Meetings are very helpful for you to slingshot your business.

3: Who can Join an REIA?

Who can join an REIA? Anyone from a first-time investor to a seasoned pro. Each REIA offers a lot of help for newbie investors. An essential benefit is tips on resources and strategy. How can you create a plan that works is crucial for you as you are getting started. You’ll also have the opportunity to network with some great people of knowledge in the group, and possibly even partner on deals!

4: How Much Does Joining an REIA Cost? 

Most REIA will have membership fees. However, many investors feel there is no reason not to join. Call the REIA. Most will let you come to a meeting for free to check it out. Pricing ranges from free to a few hundred dollars. 

ICOR Membership Information

ICOR Loveland, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs

  • Join as an Individual Membership (annually: $219) 
  • Join as a Spouse/Family Membership (annually: $219 + $100 for 2nd person)

5: What Will Be Included With My Membership?

Every REIA has unique activities and agendas, so they are all different. Some focus on mentors while others concentrate on informational resources that help you to be a successful investor. 

The meetings will be like most meetings with introductions and then some discussions. They may have a speaker, a Q&A session, or it could include a business review. The best part of the meeting is that you can mingle with people interested in real estate investing. 

Joining a local REIA is an excellent idea, especially for new investors. If you are in Colorado as we are, there is ICOR REIA. Whatever REIA you join, they will surely be willing to help.

6: More Resources for Finding REIA Meetings

Most larger metro areas and many smaller communities have an REIA. Some busy cities will have more than one. The simplest way to locate a local REIA is by Googling REIA along with your town or state name. You can also search Facebook, as that has become an important place to locate real estate investing tips in general. There are a lot of REIA’s with websites as well. Their website can help you connect with local REIA events. There are regulated REIA’s that you can find listed here.

Check out

We’ve compiled a ton of local REIAs around the Nation in the “Resources” section of our website.

Here is the direct link to find the location, websites, and contact information of REIA in your area. The perfect starting point for you to begin finding REIAs in your area. has groups across the US (But not in Colorado)

Another way to find local REIAs near you is to use is a website that lists all types of physical events in your area. On this website, you can search for Real Estate Investors Association Meetings and other types of real estate events! is similar to Meetup is another excellent way to find REIAs. Similar to, Eventbrite will list all of the different types of events in your area. 

For both &, be sure to narrow your search by selecting the City where you live. In the search bar, type in keywords such as “Real Estate,” “REIA,” & “Real Estate Investors Association” to find an REIA near me. 

Searching Google – Duh

Google is the easiest way to find your local REIA. Just search for your “city”, “state”, and “REIA.”

reia near meAre there any National REIA’s?

The National REIA is a central organization for many of the different US associations and investment clubs. They offer services to investors, property owners, apartment owners, as well as landlord associations.

They are a non-profit association, and some, but not all REIA Groups are part of their membership. 

Here is the REIA List of the organizations they are associated with: Find A National REIA.

Final Thoughts On REIA (Real Estate Investors Association) Meetings

Don’t waste this valuable information! You now have more knowledge regarding REIA’s and REIA Meetings than most investors. 

There is a ton of real estate investing information just one REIA Meeting away!

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