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Abbey Mortgage is a local Colorado private lender that has helped hundreds of investors refinance rental property. Being a private lender gives us a lot of options to help our borrowers. This makes us a great partner for Colorado real estate investors. We are not impeded by regulations and there is no red tape. Fast, easy to work, motivated to lend, what else do you want in a investment lender. We will get you the money you need — fast. Call today and learn more!

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Private rental property refinance mortgages have a number of benefits over bank loans. Our lending requirements are a lot easier to deal with. We make all of the decisions, if a deal makes sense we fund it!

  • We loan against equity from one property or across several.
  • As a private lender we are flexible and we are faster than banks.
  • We will often say yes when a bank and broker says no.
refinance rental property

Cash Out Refinance Rental Property Loan for Colorado Investors

We’ve talked to hundreds of investors over the years and one of the most common questions is, “Where can I refinance my rental property to get some cash so I can invest in other properties?” You may be able to refinance and pull some cash out via a conventional mortgage if you fit the stringent criteria to get approved. Conventional lenders really do not like loaning to investors with multiple mortgages. Once they start seeing more than three mortgages, they will quickly lose interest in loaning money. On the other hand, that is what we want to see. Investors with experience and equity are very qualified to us.

Is it Hard to Pull Cash Out of my Rental Property?

Our Rental Property Refinance loans provide our clients with reliable financing and a simple and efficient loan approval process. Our rental property loans have already helped savvy investors take advantage on our growing rental property market. With attractive terms, rates and loan-to-value (LTV), this is a great time to pull cash out of your existing rentals.

What Types of Refinance Loans Do We Offer?

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Get Your Investment Property Cash-Out

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Abbey Mortgage – Colorado’s #1 Private Lender

Abbey Mortgage & Investments has a wide range of experience in the real estate world and in the world of lending. This real-life knowledge makes us a valuable partner for your real estate investing ventures. With extensive experience in Construction Management, Development, property zoning, lending, property investment, property management and much more, Abbey Mortgage has funded complex financing from every angle. This means we will know the mistakes you should avoid before you ever even consider making them. We will work with you closely to ensure that your lending process is seamless.

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