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Abbey Mortgage other loan offers come from extensive experience with nearly every privately funded loan type you can think of. We have created custom private lender loan packages to help house flippers, cell phone towers, business cash-outs, mini-perm loans, and everything in between.

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Abbey Mortgage Other Loans

No matter the situation, we can help fund it. With years of our time dedicated to providing high-quality private money loans, we’ve pretty much seen it all. Abbey Mortgage & Investments in Colorado can get you the funding you need to complete your project, fund your home, and more!

Other Loans Abbey Mortgage Offers

Owner Carry or Real Estate Secured Notes

We don’t have to be owner of the original loan to help. Many investors have paper they either originated or purchased and now would like to turn the paper into cash for other uses. If you find yourself in this position, we will want to review a copy of the Promissory Note, the property and other elements of this note purchase and value the future stream of payments and the underlying collateral to arrive at a cash price we will pay for this secured note. Yes, this generally implies a discount to the face value of the note. So if you absolutely, positively must have the full face value of the note, we probably can’t be of much assistance. However, if the cash today has value to you and your investment needs, we may be able to provide that cash in exchange for your notes.

Business Purpose Cash Out Private Money

Substantial equity positions in any investment property provide you with the flexibility to invest rapidly and take advantage of opportunities in today’s market. The cash out private money loan will provide funding for your use in new investments and allow you to make your move quickly — with cash. This allow you the time to decide if you want to pay off the private money loan or refinance it for the long term. Options abound! Loan to value will vary on this hard money loan, or private money loan, according to the property type, income stream, and other factors, but we will generally lend up to about 65% of the final value.

Cellular Tower Sites and Leases

Cellular phone sites and leases do not typically have the status of normal real estate. They can be sort of fickle. Cell companies merge, then merge systems, find redundancies, cancel leases, secure new leases to fill in weak spots and some still go bankrupt. All of the above means that they can cancel their lease with just a few months notice and, poof, they’re gone!

While that’s a good reason to sell your lease, they may continue for years and years. Of course, a more frequent reason to sell is a big bag of cash today, rather than checks here and there for months and years into the future. We will value the lease according to its location, type of site, whether the real estate is included or not, the carrier involved and the lease status relative to any debt on the property. We will move quickly and give you a price you will be happy to accept. Give us a call or email us anytime.

Non-Recourse Retirement Account Loans

Self-Directed IRA’s are often used to acquire real estate and may allow debt on the real estate owned by the IRA so long as the beneficiary is not a guarantor or cosigner on the loan. We can help solve that problem. With slight modifications to our loan terms, we will write these loans for the savvy investors using this tax advantaged method of owning real estate to add some leverage to their investment. We will go out to 5 years of interest only payments on these loans, with all the flexibility we provide on our other loan programs.

Other Loans

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