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Here at Abbey Mortgage & Investments, we have years of experience in private money loans and our mortgage offers cover a wide variety of different loans for different situations.

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Private Mortgage Offers For Any Need

Our Mortgage Offers help clients with a range of needs and situations. Abbey Mortgage & Investments offers the following loans:

  • Commercial bridge loans
  • Residential investment mortgages
  • Private money loans
  • Hard money loans
  • Short-term loans
  • Cell tower leases
  • House flipping loans or “fix and flip” loans
  • Non-recourse retirement loans
  • Mini-perm loans
  • Purchasing of seller notes

Choose Abbey Mortgage & Investments For Your Asset-Based Financing

If you are looking for mortgage offers from a reliable company that can help you with your investment strategy, you have come to the right place. Abbey Mortgage & Investments is a privately funded, asset-based financing company that can assist you with numerous kinds of loans and mortgage offers. We offer a significantly quicker and easier loan process compared to traditional loans from banks because the money we lend is our own.

Our loan types range from bridge mortgages, also called private money loans, commercial bridge loans, short-term loans, construction loans, construction loans, to fix and flip loans. Whichever you require, know that we are a dedicated team of specialists with nearly a quarter century of experience in providing Colorado residents with creative and efficient solutions. We set ourselves apart by thinking outside the box to minimize risk and maximize ROI for all parties involved.

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