Colorado Springs Rental Property Loan

Many people are turning towards real estate investment to create a financial safety net. They want to ensure they have assets and income to depend on if they lose their job or their retirement savings isn’t enough. We at Abbey Mortgage & Investments provide customized a Colorado Springs rental property loan so you can invest in a worthwhile opportunity. Whether you need to buy new property or refinance your current assets to get some capital, we can help. 

Why Get Rental Property Loan From a Private Lender?

People often turn to banks and investors to finance rental property investments, but they’re not always the most suitable options. Here’s a look at some reasons why our Colorado Springs rental property loan is a better option:

  • Higher Chances of Approval – Traditional financial organizations look at your credit history and current financial strength before approving a loan. People with uncertain credit histories don’t get access to capital easily, which can hamper their goals. Our experts focus on the investment potential of your property and the equity of assets set as collateral. 
  • Full Ownership of Profit – When you get financial assistance from investors or partners, you need to share the rental property profits with them for an extended period. We only focus on profits from the loan, which means you maintain full ownership of the income from the rental property after the loan is repaid in full. 
  • Deal-Based Loans – We offer deal-based loans. Our experts will evaluate the property and your investment strategy carefully before recommending a solution. If your strategy has a low chance of success, our experts will recommend changes before denying the loan. If it has a high chance of success, you’ll get approval in a matter of days. 

If you’re looking for some expert advice or need Colorado Springs rental property loan, we at Abbey Mortgage & Investments can help. Contact us today to get a customized plan for your requirements.