Lakewood Fix and Flip – New Investor Success

We have found over the years that we should never count out a new investor — case in point, this Lakewood fix and flip. This new investor came to us with a Lakewood fix and flip deal that was a cluttered mess. This new investor was entirely new to fix and flip investing but purchased this Lakewood, Colorado home after some consternation and careful research. She was able to look past the cluttered catastrophe that it was and see the promise of a profit.

Our New Investor Hit A Home Run

We were somewhat skeptical of her estimated ARV, otherwise known as After Repair Value. However, the deal was solid, and we were confident she would earn a decent profit even if she missed her target ARV. After seeing the finished results, you can see that she knocked this deal out of the park. Once she had completed the rehab, she listed the property and was under contract after only three days on the market. Her fabulous rehab work ensured the property value came in above her estimated ARV!

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Second Lakewood Fix and Flip Underway

After this Lakewood fix and flip success, she is now experienced and has proven herself as a successful investor. She did well, and because of her positive experience, she borrowed more money to start a second flip project. Her next project is 90% complete and expected to bring a very healthy profit.

What New Real Estate Investors Can Learn

The takeaway from all of this is, this new investor will never have to work for anyone again. Properties like this Lakewood fix and flip can be very challenging. If you are motivated, willing to find deals and, are capable of putting in the work, then we can help you pay for it. Take your passion for independence and use it, change your situation, and secure your future. Real Estate investing is not a get rich quick scheme; it requires a lot of hard work. There may even be nights when you don’t sleep well. If you this speaks to you, you are a person who knows the reward for performing in real estate investing; you are the type of person we like to loan money too.

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Abbey Mortgage and Investments is here to help you get your start. We offer new investors our decades of experience and access to the money you need to get started. Call us today and kick your investment career off on the right foot.