Hard Money Lenders in Colorado Springs

Have you tried getting financial assistance for a great investment opportunity? Did the banks and credit unions turn you away because you didn’t have the perfect credit score?

Most prospective real estate investors and entrepreneurs face this issue at least once in their career.

Banks and traditional financial institutions are more focused on your credit history than the potential of your investment strategy.

At Abbey Mortgage & Investments, we can help you get the financial resources needed to take advantage of a great opportunity. As experienced hard money lenders in Colorado Springs, we can provide tailored solutions and expert advice to help you start investing in real estate.

How is Hard Money Different From Traditional Offerings?

Hard money is a financial product offered by private lenders instead of banks. These are asset-based loans, secured against collateral, which means you need to have some assets with equity to get the loan.

Here’s a look at some of the most significant benefits of hard money loans.

  • We can approve loans within days, so you don’t need to worry about waiting for 3-6 months to get a yes or no.
  • Our experts discuss the prospective investment with you and come up with tailored solutions.
  • We have a more streamlined underwriting process and without the stringent regulations of banks.
  • Clients have a higher chance of getting loan approval from us.
  • You can get financial assistance even if you have a bad credit history as long as the investment has some potential to provide good profits. Our experts will assess your plan and offer unbiased advice on the matter.

If you’re looking for some expert advice or need hard money lenders in Colorado Springs, we at Abbey Mortgage & Investments can help. Contact us today to get a customized plan for your requirements.

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