Grow Your Construction Business With Abbey Mortgage

Whether you have an established construction business or are growing your construction business, after all, we’ve seen increases in new housing starts lately, probably surprising about everyone. Because of our strong market, successfully managed construction companies are doing very well, but let’s be honest, if they are successful, they are also likely leveraged. As in any business, cash flow and working capital are crucial to success, and construction companies know it. They also know that busy times require fast action. This means that not only do you need to secure funding for multiple projects at once, but you also need to obtain that funding fast. We all know that getting caught in the middle of a cash flow crunch, waiting for a property to sell, can strain your ability to cover labor and supply expenses, possibly even causing a work stoppage. To avoid this, you need to have a lender, like Abbey Mortgage in your pocket. Abbey Mortgage is a private lender, which means we make the decision to say yes a lot more than saying no.

How To Grow Your Construction Business With Multiple Projects?

You want to run more projects, maybe even multiple projects at once, but you need cash up-front to operate. The bad news is that the banks typically have arduous approval processes. They will want you to have excellent credit, a strong balance sheet, and loads of experience. They will be looking for you to have extensive financial stability and documentation to prove it. Even if a bank approves you, the underwriting process will be demanding, taking weeks and even months to get the loan you need. Meanwhile, the delay they cause can cause you to lose the opportunity, evaporating your profit.

At Abbey Mortgage and Investments, we want to say yes! We’ll cut to the deal with no red tape, and in most cases, we can get you the construction loan you need. Abbey Mortgage loans money to Colorado construction companies. We do it fast, with a simple application process and personal loan decisions. There is no review board or underwriting team; there is the owner of our company, Robert Kearney. If your project makes sense, he will fund it. You’ll need to provide the necessary basic information about the project and yourself to get you an answer, usually in a day or two. Of course, with any pre-approval, actual approval is always pending verification of the project’s details.

How Can I Use The Funds From The Construction Loan?

Abbey Mortgage’s loans for construction companies offer a new opportunity of ways to secure cash when the banks or other traditional lenders say no, or are taking way too long. We will loan against various property types, commercial and residential and we are not limited to securing construction loans against only one property, as we often make loans against the equity from other multiple unrelated properties.

What are the benefits of getting a loan for construction companies?

When Colorado construction companies have access to the money they need, they are better prepared to grow their business. Construction loan Private lending provides peace of mind for contractors. Knowing there is always fast cash available means you can negotiate your deals from a place of strength. Get Your Colorado Construction Loan Today!