Getting to Know Abbey Mortgage!

The first step to getting to know Abbey Mortgage is to understand what we do. And what we do is loan money to real estate investors to fund their real estate investments. Some people say these loans are hard money real estate investment loans, we say they are privately funded investment property loans. Our loans aren’t cheap, but we have borrowers who have done many, many deals with us over the decades. Why? That’s obvious, they make money on their deals, lots of money, and they trust us. We are a private lender, but we are investors ourselves, which gives us insight, ideas, and expertise you can leverage.

Our deals are better that what you’ll get from the banks in many cases because we are willing to guide our borrowers to see their way toward success, and hopefully, more massive profits. When dealing with Abbey Mortgage, you are at the committee, a committee of one because I am the committee. My name is Robert Kearney, and when you get my buy-in from me, your deal will get done, and it’s a real simple process.

We have a simple loan process that relies on collateral, and knowing you and your ability to perform. Your success ensures our success, so we want to make sure you are capable of pulling off the deal profitably as you’ve presented it. We are a real lender, lending to real people, making complex deals easy, and getting results.

As we always say, There Is No Money In A No!

Thanks for getting to know Abbey Mortgage. Here are some recent deal examples.

We loaned $800,000 for a fix-and-flip on a mansion in Denver. The borrower is a long-time client, usually doing a different deal every few months. By turning deals around quickly, she can do high-end rehab within 6 to 12 months, resell, and still make a considerable profit.

Our borrower needed $250,000 on a commercial property cash-out refinance. The property value was there, and we loaned the money. We were able to close and fund this loan in less than 30 days.

A local Mortgage Broker had a deal that he was struggling to get financing for. He contacted us, we reviewed the deal and discovered the borrower had multiple properties with equity we could secure our loan against. We closed the deal within 10 days and funded the $590,000 loan.