Fixer-Upper Colorado – Borrower Testimonial

The following quoted text is taken from statements made from our fixer-upper Colorado borrower, Emilio. We are so proud of him and his success and we are even more pleased to bring you his story. Emilio started his story as follows, “I am a painter by trade, but now I also flip some houses. Being self-employed for the last decade, I found it very hard to borrow money, let alone for flipping homes. That is why, when I stumbled into a great deal on a property in Brighton, I really did not expect to be able to make anything happen. I talked to several banks, brokers, and other lenders who all said no. I had pretty much given up when one of my friends told me about Abbey Mortgage.”

Emilio came in loaded for bear. He was confident in the deal he found and he knew he could make money on it. He brought in everything we needed, making it easy to make a lending decision.

Getting The Deal Done Was Fast and Easy

He continued his story, “I took in all the paperwork since I had already put it together for the banks that rejected me. I was surprised when you guys said yes and did so by the end of the week. Then you funded the loan the following week, cut a check for the property and gave me my first draw on the renovation money within two weeks.”

This is not a story we hear just once or twice, we have had this same experience hundreds of times over the years. We have helped people with goals become people with a new career in real estate investing. We have the money to loan and once investors find us, they use us over and over because we are fast and easy to deal with.

This Fixer-Upper Colorado Testimonial Could Be Yours to Tell

Before I found Abbey Mortgage and met Robert, I was just a guy with a dream, a little money to invest, and a decent piece of real estate to buy with no way to pay for it. With your help, I now consider myself a more than amateur real estate investor. You helped me change my prospects in life literally overnight when you said yes and I thank you for that trust. Now, a little over a year later, I just started my third deal. I have made what I consider a lot of money on the first two deals you funded, and the third deal is looking no different as you know. I am greatly appreciative of you guys and especially Robert. You are not just another mortgage guy. Once I realized you were basically an investor loaning from your companies own funds, I knew I found a great opportunity. You have been a great adviser in my real estate investing ventures and I greatly appreciate everything you have done.”

Advice to Real Estate Investors Looking to Get In The Game

In concluding his fixer-upper Colorado borrower testimonial, he had some additional words of wisdom for people looking to start investing in real estate or fix and flip deals. “If you want to start investing in real estate or fixer-upper Colorado homes, you need to get Robert on your side. He is an invaluable resource for your strategy, can help you avoid the pitfalls and guide you toward success. He is an investor himself and has seen thousands of real estate deals, he has been doing this a long time and it shows. With that sort of experience, he knows what works and what is likely to fail. Just call them and get moving, the market will change and you do not want to miss out.”

We hope you found this testimonial helpful. We are passionate about helping new investors get their start. This approach has paid off since we have some investors who have funded hundreds of properties with us. We are not limited like banks and brokers and we have very few regulations to follow. That is because we loan our own money, there is no bank. We are looking for great deals to invest in and if you are looking to get your start, give us a call. We would be happy to consult with you to help guide you in the right direction. This is not a get-rich program, this requires a lot of hard work, some intelligence and you need to have equity or some money of your own. If you have no money or equity to put into a deal, it is likely no one will loan you money.

Fixer-Upper Colorado Borrower Testimonial
Borrower Name, Emilio