Direct Lending in Colorado

Most people turn to banks when they want financial resources to invest, but these financial institutions aren’t always the best choice. They have a stringent application process and are tied up in a lot of red tape. That means they can’t invest money even in people who have a solid investment strategy unless they have a good credit score or financial history. At Abbey Mortgage & Investments, we encourage you to consider direct lending in Colorado as an alternative. 

Real Estate Investors and Developers Prefer Direct Lending 

Real estate investors are always on the lookout for good opportunities. They are a part of a fast-paced market, which means they can’t afford to wait long before buying the right property. Unfortunately, the bank loan application process can take anywhere between 3 and 6 months. Few worthwhile properties sit on the market for that long.

That’s why real estate investors prefer direct lending in Colorado. We have a more streamlined application process and get the money to you in a few days. Applications with a few blemishes like poor credit history or inexperience may take longer, but we still endeavor to get a reply to clients in a few weeks instead of keeping them waiting for months. 

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Unique Underwriting Approach 

As experienced private lenders, we understand the real estate investment industry well. We know that sometimes it is essential to wait for profit and returns, so our tailored solutions work well for real estate investors. Our unique underwriting approach involves:

  • Understanding the buyer/investor
  • Looking at their level of commitment to the investment
  • Studying the property to understand its investment potential

If you want advice or more information from an experienced property on direct lending in Colorado, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Abbey Mortgage & Investments for a customized plan.