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Do you want to invest in real estate, but the banks keep turning you away? A reputable Denver mortgage company may be able to help. At Abbey Mortgage & Investments, we have worked with several real estate investors and understand their needs well. We offer tailored solutions that work for different kinds of investors, so you have everything you need to make a successful investment.

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Denver Mortgage Company Underwriting Process

A private lender has a different approach to underwriting because their priorities are different. Banks focus on the risk, but we focus on the prospective reward. Real estate investment is always a risky venture that requires some planning. That’s why our underwriting process is designed to accept a reasonable risk and ensure that genuine investors have support. Here’s a look at what we do:

  • Understand Buyers – Our team takes time to understand your potential in the real estate investment market. They look at your plan, consider your successful investments, and study your investment strategy. While we do look at your credit score and financial history, they don’t play a big part in the decision. 
  • Level of Commitment – As an experienced Denver mortgage company, we understand investor behavior well. We have seen that people who bear 20%-30% of the cost are more committed to their investment and less likely to default. That plays a role in our decision to grant a loan.
  • Property – Not all properties are made equal. Some can bring in big profits through rental income or after the sale, but others are just white elephants that will prove to be a drain on your resources. Our experts analyze the property carefully to make sure they are worthwhile investments.   

If you want advice or more information from an experienced Denver mortgage company, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Abbey Mortgage & Investments for a customized plan.