Commercial Property Mortgage

You are looking for a trustworthy partner for your Colorado commercial property mortgage, and we are looking to be your lender. Experienced investors know that private commercial lenders, like Abbey Mortgage, can get your complicated commercial mortgage loan funded. We are among the top-rated Colorado private commercial lenders, offering commercial loan options for many circumstances, not just the hard ones. We are aggressively looking to loan money to Colorado commercial property investors. We finance real estate investors who require short-term refinance loans to access cash from their commercial properties, buying commercial buildings for sale in Colorado, or building or expanding a Colorado commercial building.

As a private commercial lender, we know you require quick and deliberate action. Why not give us a call. We will provide you with a comprehensive review to determine if we can finance your next Colorado commercial property mortgage. Our own business goals and financial success link directly to the success of your investment strategies. Therefore, we strive to help you focus on the next big deal instead of waiting around to hear back from a bank.

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Commercial Property Mortgage Expertise

Abbey Mortgage & Investments has decades of experience when it comes to commercial real estate lending. Business investments are usually complex and highly competitive. We ensure our approach works well for investors and business owners in this competitive environment. Not all Colorado private commercial lenders are the same. Give us a call and check us out. You will discover the reason our customers say the Abbey approach is just better.

commercial property mortgage

The Abbey Mortgage and Investment Difference

Abbey Mortgage and Investments designed our lending process to help Colorado Real Estate investors be nimble and ultimately successful. We fund our loans from our own money and have a simple in-house underwriting process. We offer a variety of commercial real estate loan options with flexible terms at competitive rates.

Because we use private funds, if a deal makes sense, we can get it done fast. We are available to meet and discuss your Colorado commercial real estate loan needs as soon they arise. Relying on a bank or mortgage broker means a complicated and drawn-out process that can often result in losing the deal. Rest assured, if you come to the table with a transaction that makes sense, we get you funded. Not only that, we can provide funding within a couple of weeks or even sooner.

Need a Good Commercial Lender in Colorado?

Commercial real estate financing is often impossible at local banks. This is sad because these properties have solid tenants that often stay for decades. We like well-located properties with good histories and prospects. We will typically require an accurate valuation for the property for internal review when looking at the overall deal. Our primary concern is that our asset-based loan is secured with equity. We design our loan terms to provide the cash flow the borrower needs and we work with our borrowers throughout the loan term. The goal is for you to have the property either refinanced or sold before your loan reaches its due date.

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commercial property mortgage

Colorado Commercial Lender

Colorado business owners often tell us, when they find Colorado commercial buildings for sale, they struggle to find a responsive lender. Banks are too slow or unwilling to approve their financing. Abbey Mortgage & Investments is a privately funded lender that can react quickly to finance your commercial property and get you to the closing table on a timely basis.

We have a variety of highly competitive equity-based finance options that are perfect for your commercial lending needs. Our fast reaction to your needs will get the transaction to the closing table with competitive rates and terms.

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Buying Commercial Real Estate in Colorado

If you are an investor looking at buying commercial real estate in Colorado, you are in a market that is rife with competition from both foreign and local investors. Abbey Mortgage & Investments understands this market and your financial needs. When you find a great opportunity, you must act fast and we are here to help.

Commercial Real Estate Construction

Colorado is seemingly an ever-expanding marketplace. New buildings and housing developments are cropping up every day. Given this growth, Colorado business owners often find themselves needing to expand. We have funded countless commercial building projects, from adding square footage to an existing property, renovation of a current property, or new construction projects.

Cash for Operating Capital and Growth

We know that operating capital can be critical for the successful operation of your business. To satisfy this market, we offer equity-based commercial mortgage loans to Colorado business owners for pulling cash from their current commercial properties. On the other hand, your company may end up needing money to add to your existing property, build a new building, or to buy a new commercial property to expand your operations. In any of these cases, we would love to work with you. We often work with businesses that have multiple commercial properties where we can leverage their equity across numerous pieces of commercial real estate. This strategy can work well to satisfy our lending requirements and get you the urgent cash you need.

Commercial Property Notes

Many real estate investors will carry notes on a commercial building to make a sale happen. We are interested in buying loan notes written against Colorado commercial property. If you are an investor looking to convert a private loan note back into cash, give us a call. If the property presents a viable opportunity, with suitable financial and equity conditions, we can likely help. We will purchase this paper and liberate your cash for other uses, usually on a non-recourse basis to the seller.

Colorado commercial real estate, Colorado commercial lending commercial property mortgage

Getting Your Deal Done and Beyond

Commercial Lender Requirements

We like well-located properties with good histories and prospects. We typically require an appraisal, borrower information, and a business use case or plan for these properties. Once we have all of the necessary information, we conduct a review of the overall deal. Our review will consider all aspects of your loan and ensure your equity position meets our asset-based loan requirements.

Getting Your Commercial Mortgage Loan Funded

Having a healthy business plan is vital for us to fund a commercial deal. It is not much different from any other loan we offer. Proper documentation will help if you are eager to get your funding done quickly. If you are interested in learning more about Abbey Mortgages, Colorado commercial property mortgage and finance options, or you would like to have some questions answered, feel free to contact us. We have been in the business long enough to know what you should and should not do to be successful. We would be happy to help you begin your process and assist you in your endeavor.

Repayment Terms

We typically offer repayment terms that are based on a 20-year amortization with a two-year to five-year balloon term. Although these are some standard type terms, lending criteria are negotiable based on the overall strength of your investment, cash, income, and equity.

Renewal of the loan is undoubtedly possible upon maturity. However, there will be a full review and possibly restructuring of the loan based on the current situation before any loan renewal. Renewal options are dependent on current conditions, equity, and the investor or the financial position of the investor or business owner.

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