Looking to get a Colorado Commercial Loan?

Colorado Commercial Loans are sometimes slow to be approved or limited in the nature of the property securing the loan. Abbey Mortgage & Investments, your commercial hard money lender, and Lynx can be of value to helping you get your commercial loan closed on a much more timely basis than might otherwise be possible.

Abbey Mortgage & Investments, Inc. can provide access to highly competitive Colorado lenders perfect for long-term commercial financing. Providing a “one – two” punch between Lynx’s fast action to get the transaction to the closing table and Abbey’s access to highly competitive long term funds.

Bridge financing for property acquisition when time is short or your deal is on the line might be the right decision. More traditional lenders like out-of-state banks can’t act as quickly as you need to close. Alternatively, you might end up being cash short, but have found a super deal and have substantial equity in other property. Lynx may be the answer.

Cash out financing of existing Colorado properties, which are on the market, will give you the liquidity you need to close on a new investment.

With terms that are more flexible than some other lenders, Lynx’s Commercial Loans will buy you the time and funds to achieve your goal and expand your portfolio.

Existing Commercial notes, often carried by the seller or other private party are also of interest to Lynx. We will purchase this paper and liberate cash for other uses, usually on a non-recourse basis to the seller.


Commercial Real Estate Loans are almost unfinanceable at the local bank right now. That’s sad because these properties have solid tenants that can often stay for years or even decades. We like well-located properties with good histories and better prospects. On these properties, we will typically require an appraisal and will review it internally. Our primary concern is that our loan is secured with equity for you as the owner still in the game. We design our loan terms to provide positive cash flow to the borrower throughout our loan term until the balloon date, by which time the property will be refinanced or sold by you. Typically up to a 20-year amortization and a 2 or 3-year term to the balloon date.

Contact us today for more information on Commercial Real Estate Loans and other asset based lending opportunities.