Colorado Springs Hard Money Lenders

Investing in promising ventures is a thrilling and rewarding experience if you approach it correctly. A good strategy and sufficient resources can help you earn thousands of dollars while developing a reliable passive income stream. However, finding adequate resources can be a challenge. You need to know when and how to start researching Colorado Springs Hard Money Lenders.

Banks and traditional lending institutions have stringent standards that can make it difficult for people to get the financial assistance they need to thrive. At Abbey Mortgage & Investments, we encourage clients to consider private loans. As experienced Colorado Springs hard money lenders, we know how this industry works and what kind of funding real estate investors need.

What is Hard Money?

Hard money is an asset-based loan that can help you make worthwhile real estate investments. If you have a property with equity or are buying a valuable building, you can apply for an asset-based loan to fund the venture. Unlike banks and other financial establishments, we have a more straightforward underwriting process that focuses on the investment instead of the applicant’s financial history. These loans will have higher interest than regular bank loans. But when you need money fast, or the banks won’t help, hard money lenders, like Abbey Mortgage, may be your only option.

How Can Colorado Springs Hard Money Lenders Help?

As trustworthy Colorado Springs hard money lenders, we have had the opportunity to work with a wide range of investors over the years. Here’s a look at how we can help you:

  • Fast Application Approval – Our underwriting process is quick and straightforward. Experts carefully examine the investment property and your plan before determining if it is a worthwhile venture. Traditional systems take time to evaluate your credit history and do a risk assessment, which means the approval process can take months. We complete it in a matter of days.
  • Customized Solutions – We’re experienced professionals and understand how the real estate industry works. Our experts will take time to understand your priorities and goals before offering a tailored solution.

If you’re looking for some expert advice or need Colorado Springs hard money lenders, Abbey Mortgage & Investments can help. Contact us today to get a customized plan for your requirements.

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