Colorado Rental Property Refinance 

Refinancing assets with equity is a great way to get some cash on hand. You can reinvest this money to improve the rental property, add more assets, carry out essential repairs, etc. Unfortunately, traditional refinancing options are relatively limited and fall short of helping real estate investors or rental property owners. At Abbey Mortgage & Investments, we encourage people to consider private Colorado rental property refinance. We are established lenders with vast experience in the field, and you can trust that we will provide straightforward advice.  

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Why Choose Private Rental Refinance?

Private lenders aren’t bogged down with red tape and extensive banking regulations. Instead of looking at factors like credit scores, financial history, and current financial state, we seek strong and effective investment opportunities. Here’s a look at why getting a refinance for a Colorado rental property is a better choice: 

  • It is possible to use the equity of multiple properties to get a refinance instead of relying on just a single asset.
  • We work hard to process an application in a few days instead of forcing clients to wait for several months. 
  • Our requirements aren’t as strict as bank requirements, which means your loan application has a higher chance of approval if you approach us. 

Banks and traditional lenders consider refinancing rental a higher risk, so they are hesitant to invest in them and charge higher interest rates. We work with real estate investors and rental property groups directly, so we understand how the industry works. Instead of providing complex 30-year mortgages, we offer short-term loans to invest in promising assets quickly.

If you want advice or more information from an experienced professional about a Colorado rental property refinance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Abbey Mortgage & Investments for a customized plan.