Colorado Rental Property Mortgage 

Rental properties are a good investment if you plan your approach carefully. They can provide long-term passive income and some financial security, which is essential in the modern world. Whether you are a seasoned investor or are just dipping into the real estate market, you need some financial assistance to take advantage of good opportunities. At Abbey Mortgage & Investments, we provide just that through Colorado rental property mortgage. We offer tailor-made loan deals based on your investment goals, property value, and market tendencies.

Fast Rental Property Loans 

Traditional loan offerings from banks are complicated and time-consuming. You need to provide a lot of documents regarding your current income, past financial activities, credit score, savings, current assets, etc. Banks can take anywhere between 90 and 180 days to process all of these documents, determine whether you’re a reasonable investment, and then approve of the loan. 

By the time your application is processed, the exciting investment property you had been eyeing is already off the market. Real estate investment is a relatively competitive and fast-paced industry so you can’t afford to wait for a bank’s approval. Our Colorado rental property mortgage is quicker because we only look at your basic information, investment strategy, and property equity. If our experts see the potential in the investment, they will approve it quickly. 

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Deal-Based Colorado Rental Property Mortgage

Most people are forced to find partners or other investors if banks turn down the loan application, which means they need to share a percentage of the profit from rental properties. We are different because we act as silent investors. Our team focuses on loan investment income instead of rental income so you can keep the entire profit when the loan is repaid in full. 

If you want advice or more information from experienced professionals on Colorado rental property mortgage, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Abbey Mortgage & Investments for a customized plan.