Colorado Rental Property Loans From Abbey Mortgage

As a Private lender, investors find we are great partner for rental property loans. Whether buying or refinancing one or 20 rental properties, we can likely help when banks cannot. Our loans targeted to align well with most real estate investments. The greatest benefit of dealing with us is that we are a good partner, offering advice based on the hundreds of deals we have funded. You will find that dealing with us is not like dealing with a traditional bank or mortgage broker. We have fewer regulations to contend with and a lot less red tape. When you need fast decisions and quick funding, there is really no one else to call but Abbey Mortgage.

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Fast Rental Property Loans

There is no reason to over think it. Deciding to go with a private lender for your investment property is a no-brainer. We want to loan money and we try to make deals work. Banks do not have the flexibility we have to get deals done – fast. Contact us today! Lets discuss your investment strategy and our rental property loans.

Colorado Rental Property Loans

When you are looking to finance a rental property in Colorado, the market can be very competitive. Even if the market slows down, competition for good deals can be ferocious. Many investors are pouring over the same deals, scouring the market, looking for cash positive properties. Abbey Mortgage realizes this and has developed our processes around fast decisions and loan funding. We are not here to put you through a gauntlet of endless loan requirements, we want you to provide a set of minimum necessary pieces of information anyone would need to make a good business decision. That is really the key to our lending policies, is it a good business decision for you and for us?

Abbey Mortgage Loans Based To Qualified Investors

How do we determine if a makes sense for us and the investor? If we think it is a losing deal, we will probably not be able to help and frankly, a smart investor should take that as a strong piece of advice. Equity will always be the biggest compensating factor for the loans we issue and we do not say no to smart investments. The property must be a reasonable investment. We understand there may not be an immediate positive cash flow, but there should be equity in the property the loan is needed for, or from other properties the investor already owns. When there is less equity, we look at the deal harder, looking closer at the borrower from a few different aspects, such the investors business goals, abilities, and credit. Equity, business sense and a good deal always trump an investors credit history. We have loaned money to investors that have major credit issues, but have a solid real estate investment strategy.

Rental Property Loans And Borrower Requirements

When shopping for a rental property loan, it can be discouraging, especially when you lose deals because a bank or mortgage broker took too long. This forces some investors to turn to partners to help them fund their ventures. While a partner can sometimes be a good thing, it also forces you to give part of your profits away on an ongoing basis. We are different because we are investors who are actively looking to loan money. This makes us sort of like a silent partner in your investment business with the difference being, once you pay back the loan, we are no longer taking any of your profit. This can save you tens and possibly even hundreds of thousands of dollars from your business over time.

Choose Abbey Mortgage For Your Rental Property Loans

Abbey Mortgage & Investments is a local small private lender. We have millions of dollars to loan to investors in Colorado. When you need rental property loans for Colorado properties, give us a call. We are here to help with advice, consultation and great investment property loans.

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