Colorado Construction Loans

Our privately funded Colorado construction loans are perfect for builders and contractors who need money fast. In fact, we close loans in days, which is much faster than traditional loans from the bank. All of our loans are based on equity, which means our process looks at the deal more than the builders credit. We also have fewer regulations and red tape to push through.

Abbey Mortgage & Investments is easy to work with and can get you the money you need — fast.

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Local Contractors Know Who to Call

When contractors in Colorado need construction loans, a private lender brings a number of benefits over choosing to deal with a bank. Our lending options are different from standard construction loans because:

  • Our privately funded loans offer more flexible terms and conditions
  • We get you funded fast. Grow Your Construction Business
  • We can leverage equity you have in other properties.

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Colorado Construction Loans

What Colorado Construction Loans Will We Fund?

The projects we will lend on are really only limited to investment properties. We do not loan on owner-occupied properties, meaning we cannot help homeowners looking to build a house to live in. However, if you are a real estate investor needing one or more Colorado construction loans, we can probably get you the money you need. We have decades of experience and have funded hundreds of construction projects from spec homes, apartment complexes, multi family units and commercial properties. Your best bet is to call us and let us review your project. We love working on those tough deals and can get them done fast.

Fast Turn Around for Colorado Construction Loans?

We have a ton of knowledge around Colorado construction loans, which makes us a great lending partner for contractors, spec home builders and investors alike. When a contractor is building a property, they need to know when cash will be available and what is required to pull money. We make this very clear, and we work hand in hand to make sure the project is successful. Many times, contractors and builders are clear on what they need but have a hard time securing cash. Once a contractor figures out they can rely on us and vice-versa, our relationship will grow and the lending process gets even easier. If you are a contractor need money to build an investment or commercial property, we are a perfect partner for your lending needs.

Spec Home Construction, We Have Your Back

Spec homes are hot in Colorado and we love funding them. These projects are exciting, often million dollar plus projects which result in beautiful homes or even full estates. If your construction company needs a consistent source for fast cash, we are a great private lending partner to. You can use bank loans as you can get them, but we all know you likely need an investor or other access to cash. An investor will take part of your profit and once you have a partner, they are there for every deal whether you need cash or not. We can loan you money without the need for a permanent stake in your business. Take advantage of our money and willingness to loan money to local contractors in Colorado with construction loan private lending.

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