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Pre Foreclosure Investing For New Real Estate Investors

Pre-Foreclosure Guide When searching for that perfect investment deal, you will inevitably find properties in pre foreclosure. We developed this guide to help you understand how you can leverage these deals. Answering What Pre Foreclosure Means Pre-foreclosure refers to the starting point for foreclosure or in other words, the legal steps required to repossess a

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What Is A Foreclosure? The process that takes place once a borrower fails to meet their mortgage obligations. A foreclosure happens when a lender attempts to recoup some of the balance of a loan by forcing the sale of the asset used as the collateral for the loan. Foreclosures are also referred to as Bank-Owned

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Investment Realty

Investment Realty – Strategies, Taxes, and Loans – Oh My! Jumping into the world of investment realty can be scary and very lucrative. For this article, investment realty means investing in real estate or real estate investments, and the terms are all synonymous. Investment realty is different from investing in more traditional investment instruments such

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Tips For Using a Seller’s Note in Real Estate Deals

Seller's Note - What Does It Mean?A seller's note is used to allow a property owner to sell a property and offer some level of terms to the buyer to finance the property. The terms may be for all or part of the purchase price. They are considered contractually secured against the property, like any

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REIA Meetings and REIA Helpful Tips

REIA Meetings and Helpful Tips We are real estate investors, and we write extensively on the topic of real estate investing. We know that most people have no idea what an REIA or REIA meetings can do for them, or how the group can help you. To answer your questions, how about we discuss it

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Lets Talk About How to Finance a Fixer-Upper

How to Finance a Fixer UpperAre you wanting to flip houses and are wondering how to get the money you will need or how to finance a fix and flip in general? We have you covered with this article on loans for investment property fixer-uppers. We make loans for flipping a house as easy as

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Post Closing Occupancy Agreement

When should you consider a post-closing occupancy agreement? Let's dig into the related ramifications and issues. I was speaking with a borrower this morning during a routine call. She mentioned that she was frustrated because she was having issues buying properties with post-closing occupancy. "Post Closing Occupancy" means that the seller is not leaving

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Definitive Guide to Real Estate Investing

Real Estate Investing This guide is intended to give you the definitions and understanding to help you have the confidence to go out in the world and stake your claim in the world of real estate investing. Making money in real estate investing has many different facets and a ton of terminology you will need

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Investing in Foreclosed Homes for Sale

Foreclosed Homes for Sale Investing Benefits and Risks Investing in foreclosed homes for sale is an exciting part of the real estate business for many investors. It involves investing in a foreclosed home that have been put up for public sale or auction after the bank forecloses on that property's loan. Foreclosure in the context

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Real Estate Investment Loans

Real Estate Investment Loans Did you know that investing in Real Estate consistently outperforms investing in Wall Street equity markets? Are you interested in finding a successful strategy that will lead to profitable investments? If that sounds better than working your butt off for someone else day in and day out. You can accomplish

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