1. Mistakes To Avoid When Trying To Obtain A Commercial Real Estate Loan

    Very often, businesses will seek out commercial loans when they are looking to expand their business, purchase new equipment or begin new projects. Much of the time, however, companies will fall short when it comes to understanding the process that is required when they are seeking the right entity to provide them with their loan. This often results in a complicated situation that can end in disas…Read More

  2. What Are ‘Bridge Loans’?

    There are many different types of loans that people are capable of pursuing. Each one entails something different, but when you know the ins and out of each, you can better find the one that is most appropriate for your individual situation. One of the many loans that we talk about here on our blog at Abbey Mortgage and Investments, is a bridge loan. A bridge loan is used to provide helpful financ…Read More

  3. 3 Things You Might Not Know About Hard Money Loans

    As the old saying goes, time is money. There’s a reason that phrase has stood the test of time and in this day and age, it’s truer than ever before. People in the modern era find themselves bombarded with a number of different things that are competing for their time. From taking your dog for a walk to checking in on social media to calling your parents to catching up on the latest television …Read More

  4. 3 Reasons to Choose Abbey Mortgage For a Commercial Loan

    If you’ve been looking for the right mortgage company for a commercial loan, the team at Abbey Mortgage is here to help. Whether you’re just starting a new business or you are partnering with a few team members to open up a store, you can rely on us to provide you with the help you need every single step of the way. The path towards reaching your goals and achieving your dreams has never been …Read More

  5. Looking At Different Types Of Commercial Loans

    What would our world and modern society be without buildings constructed around us? It makes you wonder what our present reality would look like without sophisticated, modern buildings that house businesses, people, and more. Well, in order for building projects to be zoned, financed, planned and eventually constructed, commercial property owners often require mortgages in order to set plans into …Read More

  6. Breaking Down Commercial Mortgage Loans

    Having the right vision when developing a new commercial property is a great way to set a (literal and figurative) foundation for success. However, without having sufficient capital to finance development opportunities along the Front Range of Colorado including places like Fort Collins, Boulder, the Denver Metro Area and everything in between, it becomes difficult to execute these projects. While…Read More

  7. Commercial Real Estate Loans In Colorado FAQ

    Here at Abbey Mortgage & Investments, we have a team of dedicated experts committed to finding creative, winning solutions for private money loan opportunities. Among the loan types we deal in are commercial real estate loans, hard money loans, short term loans, construction loans, non-recourse account loans, cellular tower sites and leases, Fix and Flip loans, among a host of others. Whicheve…Read More

  8. Aurora Hard Money Loan Tips | How To Minimize Risk And More

    The real estate world can be a lucrative one, if you know what you are doing. Whether you are  developer who has worked on variety of projects throughout the years or are just getting into the “fix and flip” world as an independent contractor, Abbey Mortgage & Investments represents a great private lending option for many. Our Service Area First thing is first, though. Let’s talk about …Read More

  9. Why Get A Hard Money Loan From Us?

    Being a part of the Colorado community, up and down the front range for over 20 years is something we are proud of here at Abbey Mortgage & Investments. We’ve been providing a range of loan types to to people from Denver, Fort Collins, Loveland, Colorado Springs, Wheat Ridge, Golden, Boulder, and other Front Range towns and cities. But our bread and butter services have always been hard mone…Read More

  10. FAQ About Hard Money Loans And Other Tips

    In a previous post of ours, we talked about common myths that some people believe and others like to peddle about private hard money loans. It probably comes as no surprise that we at Abbey Mortgage & Investments, as a private hard money lender, felt the need to dispel and debunk a good portion of these falsehoods. We discussed myths that included hard money loans only being for people despera…Read More