Whether you are starting your own business and need a commercial loan, you have a passion for flipping houses and are looking for a hard money lender, you are interested in acquiring a short term loan, or you have another Colorado loan need, you’ve come to the right place. At Abbey Mortgage & Investments, Inc., we are passionate about  providing real estate financing to investors and contractors and helping people meet their financial goals. We pride ourselves in being Colorado’s No. 1 source for hard money loans and having the best team of loan specialists in Colorado. Learn more about the different Colorado loans we offer and how we can use our creative and efficient solutions to best serve you.

Commercial Loans

A commercial loan is a debt-based funding arrangement between a financial institution and a business. If you are looking for a loan to fund capital expenditures such as land, buildings, or equipment to assist in the business’ day-to-day operations or operational costs, such as payroll, utilities, marketing, etc., we can help! Learn more about our Colorado commercial loans.

Hard Money Loans

A hard money loan is a private money loan secured by hard assets, or collateral. At Abbey Mortgage & Investments, we also give consideration to character, capacity, and cash flow. A hard money loan may be a good option for you if getting a loan through a bank is not an option or if you only need a loan for a very short amount of time and you are positive you can pay it back quickly. Is a hard money loan right for you? Learn more about our hard money loan services.

Sell Your Note For Cash

Did you sell your property and end up with a note? Are you now realizing cash would be more useful? You are in luck. Abbey Mortgage & Investment, Inc., will buy your note from you, so you can put your funds to better use — perhaps you can go on that family vacation you’ve been dreaming of, buy your dream car, or pay off those bills that have been piling up. Learn more about selling your note for cash.

Short Term Loans

You may be interested in acquiring a short term loan if time is of the essence and you need cash fast. If you’ve obtained a short term loan in the past you, you are most likely aware that Colorado loans can be slow to be approved and are limited in the nature of the property securing the loan. At Abbey Mortgage & Investments, Inc., we can provide access to highly competitive Colorado loan lenders and can help you close your loan quicker than other mortgage and investment companies. Learn more about how we can help you acquire a short term loan.

These four loans are the main Colorado loan services we provide, but our services don’t end here! Stay tuned for Part 2 of our loan services where we will discuss construction loans, fix and flip loans, mini-perm investor loans, and more.

For more information about the Colorado loan services we provide, contact one of our specialists today! We look forward to helping you meet your financial goals.