About Abbey Mortgage

We want you to know everything about Abbey Mortgage, so you know why you should partner with us. Abbey Mortgage and Investments Inc is a privately owned and operated mortgage company located in Berthoud, Colorado. We are not a mortgage broker or banker, which may make you wonder, what kind of mortgage company are we? Simply put, we loan money exclusively to Colorado real estate investors who need cash to fund their real estate investments. The best part is, Real estate investors across Colorado come to Abbey Mortgage & Investments as their single source of funds. Why would they use a private lender versus a large bank or mortgage broker? Our investors best explain that. As an example, one of our larger real estate investors recently said this about us. “Abbey Mortgage is not a typical mortgage lender. Sure they loan me money for my ventures, but they have become a major consultant for me, helping me steer clear of investing pitfall. I have closed dozens of loans from them because doing business with them is so easy. I have used other lenders over the years, but for short term investment loans, I am looking for more of a partner and not just someone looking to foreclose on me. These guys have certainly been that partner”. This representation of our business is not atypical; new investors come to us and end up using us repeatedly because they see us as a partner. New investors are especially welcome to get into real estate investing with us. Real estate investing is not a get rich scheme; it requires hard work, dedication, and sound decision making. Those decisions are a lot easier when you have a pro in your corner, and you will never receive specialized consulting and flexibility, not to mention speed from a large bank or brokers.

What Types of Borrowers Do Our Loans Help?

Now that you know what we do, let’s help you figure out how we can help you by discussing the kinds of loans we offer and what we will not issue a mortgage. First things first, let’s be clear on what we are not. We are not a mortgage broker or bank, and we will not loan money for owner-occupied properties. Sorry homeowners, if you are looking to buy a house or refinance your mortgage, you found the wrong company. We are also not a “Hard Money” debt consolidation company.

Now that is out of the way, here is where we shine. We loan money, usually on a short-term basis, to real estate investors who are looking for real estate backed financing. Essentially, we help real estate investors buy or refinance commercial or residential investment properties. Here are some examples of the different property types we loan on and the various loans we offer as well.

  • Buy, build or refinance a rental property
  • Purchase, construct or refinance a commercial property
  • Finance or refinance a fix-and-flip including fix-and-hold
  • Property rehab or restoration
  • Multi-family Investment Property purchase
  • Multi-property finance and refinance
  • Spec home and development construction

Investors Keep Coming Back to Abbey Mortgage

Dealing with us is different because you are dealing with a direct lender. When you call Abbey Mortgage and Investments, there is no one else behind the curtain, and there is no one else to call for approval. The capital we loan to real estate investors comes from our private funds. A bank is not involved and does not secure the loans we make. Therefore, we make our own loan decisions, and we are motivated to loan money. We are fast, friendly, experienced, and most importantly, professional.

Where Do We Get The Money We Loan?

To support our business, we run multiple investment funds where people who are interested in investing in mortgage-backed funds can put their money into the game. We take this money and finance Colorado investors by issuing real estate investment loans. If you have been looking for an exciting investment opportunity with excellent returns, give us a call. We would love to tell you more about our private mortgage funds and how we can get you in the game.

More Info on Investing in Our Loan Funds

We set up Lynx Loan Fund LLLP, back in 2006 to provide a high-risk adjusted return and capital preservation to fund partners through real estate secured and equivalent investments. These private money loans are known as hard money financing, transitional loans, or privately funded real estate loans. Lynx Loan Fund LLLP is only available to investors who meet the SEC’s definition of an accredited investor. Lynx is not currently accepting new investments. Lynx limits new investments in its Fund on an annual basis. Please note that this is not a solicitation to invest in Lynx Loan Fund, LLLP. An offering can only be made by the Offering Memorandum, which needs to be thoroughly understood, as this is an investment entailing risk. Visit www.securedprivatedebt.com to learn more about this offering and to obtain information as an investor.

About The Owner

About Abbey Mortgage

Robert Kearney – Owner Abbey Mortgage and Investments Inc.

Mr. Kearney is the President of Cottonwood Mews Development, Inc., the General Partner of the Lynx Loan Fund, LLLP. He is also President and Founder of Abbey Mortgage & Investments, Inc. These two entities have originated and funded private money loans across Colorado secured by real estate since their inception in 1997. Mr. Kearney has developed sources of funds for various business lending opportunities placed by Abbey Mortgage & Investments for both residential and commercial properties. These sources cover the entire spectrum of credit quality and type of secured asset in which the fund will invest all across Colorado. Private money loans in these markets are available to borrowers who meet the company’s requirements.

More About Robert

Mr. Kearney is the primary individual responsible for developing relationships with other home mortgage lenders, investors, and brokers who provide the bulk of referrals for the fund’s private loans. Asset-based finance, or hard money loans, are uniquely appropriate for Fix and Flip investors and other real estate investors in major markets, where bank lending is not as easy as it used to be.

His broad financial experience over the past 30 plus years, including 26 years in Colorado, has included many facets of real estate and secured private finance. They include management and disposition of “OREO” (other real estate owned) for:

  • a large regional bank
  • construction lending to commercial and residential projects
  • revenue bond financings supported by rated bank letters of credit
  • market analysis for national retail concepts
  • site selection analysis, construction management consulting
  • residential and commercial rehabilitation
  • residential development and construction
  • land-use changes and rezoning work
  • originations of residential and commercial real estate lending to institutional investors
  • private money lending originations to residential and commercial borrowers
  • management of foreclosure actions on various types of loans.

Mr. Kearney also serves on the planning and zoning commission for the town of Berthoud, Colorado. The board has annexed thousands of acres and established a plan for the development of that land over the next thirty to seventy-five years.

After growing up in a small Midwestern town, he earned a BA, Cum Laude, in Economics from Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota, and an MBA from Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He has lived and worked in Colorado since 1984.