Providing Prompt, Painless, Mortgage Loans for Over 20 Years!

Take the questions out of the private mortgage loan process. Abbey Mortgage & Investment can provide the experience, creativity, and simplicity to fund your business deal. We lend on investment and commercial properties in countless different situations and scenarios. The speed of underwriting and funding private money loans (often called hard money loans), can ensure that your real estate investment is up and running quickly — even when the bank says, “NO.” Often, normal bank underwriting simply takes way too long and involves mountains of paper. We have our own underwriting process designed for simplicity and speed. Time is money, let us help you save time and make more money.

It’s often the case that Colorado mortgage brokers attempt to place a tough-to-do hard money loan, only to succeed in financing their Colorado loan with our knowledge and experience in the private money lending arena. We work well with Mortgage Brokers and directly with private borrowers.

Based in Colorado, we are a local private hard money lender with regional knowledge and expertise. We have the ability to respond to your questions, issues, and concerns, without waiting for a committee to get together or an out of state lender to learn about our market.

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