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Real estate investors gain a partner in their investment strategy by partnering with Abbey Mortgage and Investments. With decades of lending experience, we bring speed, creativity, and simplicity to investors seeking money for residential and commercial investment deals. We specialize in loaning money on commercial and residential investment properties in countless different situations and scenarios. We can react quickly and make underwriting decisions and funding fast and efficient. Our loans are privately funded, which can ensure that your real estate investment loan gets closed, even when the bank says NO. Often, standard bank underwriting takes way too long and involves mountains of paperwork. We make our own decisions, and we developed our in-house underwriting process for simplicity and speed. Time is money. We are here to help you be responsive, save time, and make more money.

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Our expertise and creativity in dealing with Colorado investors set us apart from other lenders and banks. Structuring each loan transaction for each investment deal and using our private funds has served to enhance our success in Colorado. We have issued loans all over Colorado, including Denver, Arvada, Montrose, Grand Junction, Colorado Springs, Fountain, Loveland, Greeley, Brighton, Hudson, Fort Collins, Wellington, Fountain, Aurora, Peyton, and all around the Front Range.

Because Abbey Mortgage is a Colorado-based company, we have a plethora of regional knowledge and expertise. We are highly involved in the Colorado Real Estate lending marketplace and would love to answer your questions, issues, and concerns. Dealing with us means no red-tape, no committee, and no out of state lender.

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“Abbey Mortgage & Investments gave me great advice and worked hard to earn my business. It is nice to have a lender in your corner looking out for you.”

Steve G, Real Estate Investor

“We were extremely pleased with how smooth our loans always go. There aren’t many lenders that can make it that smooth and easy. We use Abbey Mortgage & Investments as our primary short-term construction lender.”

Tim N, Custom Home Builder

“Investment property money the easy way. Thank you Abbey Mortgage & Investments for being there for us. Without you we would not have been able to do the deals we’ve done so far and we’re looking forward to many, many more. It is not just the loans but the advice and help that has helped our fix-and-flip business grow. Thank you so much.”

Jessica M, Fixer-Upper

“Unlike most banks, the entire loan process with Abbey Mortgage & Investments was fast and painless. No bureaucracy, mountains of paperwork, or long delays–just a no-nonsense approach. Very flexible regarding property collateral. It has truly been a pleasure to be Abbey Mortgage & Investments’ borrower.”

Craig S, Commercial Property Owner
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Loans for Commercial Real Estate Investing

For more than two decades, we’ve developed a nuanced and creative approach to the loans we grant for investors into commercial real estate investing. Each time we fund a loan for commercial real estate investing, it becomes a unique opportunity for us to support an investor’s aspirations by providing fast cash when they need it.