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When you get a traditional loan from a bank, you are applying to borrow money from the national banking industry. This means, to get access to that money, a borrower must meet a high lending threshold. With Abbey Mortgage & Investments, we have our Lynx Loans, our private money loan fund. Apply for your Lynx investment mortgage today.

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Why Lynx Loans from Abbey Mortgage?

Since Abbey Mortgage & Investments uses Lynx funds to provide private investment mortgage, our in-house loan fund, we can offer a number of benefits that big banks can’t match. Since we loan our own private financing money, we have the option to be more flexible when negotiating terms and rates and can close in a quarter of the time that it would take a big bank to close.

Lynx Private Mortgage Loans – Our Private Fund

Lynx Loan Fund, LLLP is our direct, in-house funding source for our private money loans (often called hard money loans) to commercial or business borrowers who need the money, rather than the traditional situation where a lender is willing to lend only to those who don’t actually need it.

Lynx Loans Fund is

We are a direct lender

Our clients enjoy working with us for a number of reasons:

  1. We work quickly.
  2. Our information requirements are more limited than most lenders, saving you time and hassle.
  3. Complicated situations don’t scare us off. You are dealing with knowledgeable principals every step of the way. We are quick to understand and flexible in designing a solution that will actually help you achieve your goals.
  4. We design flexibility into our private money loans, giving you the most possible options.
  5. Our primary focus is on the value of the real estate securing our financing. Other factors are important, but they are secondary.

Clients use us for a wide range of private money loans

Clients use our financing for a variety of situations:

  • Colorado bridge loan financing is for property acquisition for when time is short and your deal is in a make-or-break, time-sensitive spot. National banks can’t move as quickly as the situation demands. Another circumstance is if you are cash short, but have found a super deal and have substantial equity in other property. A private money loan from Lynx private loans may be the perfect solution.
  • Land loans scare the shorts off of many lenders. We will lend on land at any stage of the entitlement process or to provide funds for development costs of the property whether residential or commercial.
  • Fix and Flips in the residential world are known as Renovations or Repositionings in commercial real estate lending. Our experience with these properties makes Lynx private loan fund a superior source of financing. Importantly, our loan costs are up front, without the “gotcha” fees buried deep in the loan documentation. These private money loans are quite popular in the Northern Colorado area.
  • Cash is king and with equity in your property, Lynx private mortgage loans can help you liberate cash from your existing properties to achieve your goals or grow your portfolio quickly. That’s the beauty of going with us for your private money loans.

How does the process work?

The process of obtaining financing on your project is literally as easy and 1-2-3.

  1. Give us a call and send us your property information, so that we can get a handle on your property and your situation. Include property information, current fair market value, and a current appraisal, if you have it, and a personal financial statement for you and a current credit report are the key elements. We will let you know of any other information we will need your help with on a case by case basis.
  2. Once we are familiar with your needs, you and the property, we will provide you with a letter of interest, it will detail our basic terms and give you a roadmap to the closing table.
  3. The last part is the fun part! We send documents and money to the title company for closing and your deal is a reality: signed, sealed, and delivered.

Loan cost?

Yes, we are more expensive than the local mega-bank. We are also faster and easier to deal with. After all, you are dealing direct with the decision makers. We have a lot of flexibility in structuring the terms of the financing to deal with your situation.

Our financings (private money loans) run the entire spectrum. From single pay at maturity loans with interest, costs, and points all rolled into the private money loan, to interest only payments, or monthly amortizing payments that can be competitive with the payments you might otherwise receive from some local banks and other institutions.

We buy existing notes

Lynx is a loan investor. For loans already originated by property sellers (“owner carry” notes) and individual loans owned or originated by banks or other lenders, Lynx can provide cash by purchasing these notes for our portfolio.

These transactions provide ready cash for the sellers, allow their funds to be reinvested at one time rather than slowly over the long repayment period typical of most notes.

Enjoy the benefits of these services:

  • Financing for Unusual or Unique Properties
  • Aggressive FIX and FLIP for Residential and Commercial bridge loans
  • Turnaround financing
  • Condo Conversions
  • Damaged and Bad Credit financing that provides a fresh start
  • FORECLOSURE recovery loans
  • Project Rescue for projects at the end of their rope
  • Borrowers who don’t fit within regular bank loan criteria find flexible underwriting available through the Lynx Fund
  • Financing for Unique Ownership Structures and Borrowers, such as LLC’s, Trusts, Estates, Conservatorships, etc.
  • Land Loans
  • Bridge Mortgage Loans structured to improve cash flow between properties!
  • Cash Out Refinances for any purpose from any type of property
  • FAST CASH for Investing!
  • Tax Free Exchange financing including 1031 exchange and REVERSE 1031 Exchanges
  • Short Term Equity based loans for RAPID acquisition or as private or commercial bridge loans
  • Construction loans for hard to finance projects
  • Tough to finance commercial property types
  • Land Acquisition and Development
  • Situational Second Mortgages and Cross Collateralization
  • Unique Financing such as Cellular Site Lease loans and purchases
  • Owner Carry Note Purchases
  • Mortgage and Real Estate Brokers Encouraged

Unique and Unusual properties and situations are our specialty. We are a portfolio lender. Whether residential or commercial in nature, we have the creativity and the resources to structure a winning transaction to meet your needs!

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