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Robert Kearney

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The above homes financed by Abbey Mortgage!

Abbey Mortgage & Investments, Inc. has specialized in Colorado Hard Money loans for over 10 years. Denver Hard Money Loans make up most of our activity and include Aurora, Thornton, Northglenn, Littleton, Lakewood, Wheatridge, Arvada, Golden, Boulder and other Denver Metro Area communities. Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Greeley Hard Money Loans are also on the books, providing needed real estate financing to investors and contractors.  Often several other Colorado Mortgage Brokers have attempted to place a tough to do hard money loan, only to succeed in financing their Colorado loan with our knowledge and experience in the hard money lending arena. Our Colorado expertise and creativity in structuring each hard money loan transaction, using our own funds over the last 10 years has only served to enhance our success across all of Colorado. We have done loans in Montrose, Grand Junction, Colorado Springs, Fountain, Loveland, Greeley, Brighton, Hudson, Fort Collins, Wellington, Fountain, Aurora  and even Peyton, all Front Range communities. Denver Hard Money loans, of course include all the suburbs. Today, we make your hard money loan with our own funds eliminating much of the uncertainty that comes from dealing through networks of brokers. Borrowers from Denver and all across Colorado come to Abbey Mortgage & Investments, Inc. as a single source of funds through Lynx Loan Fund, LLLP, Our focus is to make sure your Denver Metro Area or Colorado Hard Money loan project is a success, while earning fair returns for our hard money loan.



Information for Interested Investors 

In 2006, Robert Kearney  set up Lynx Loan Fund, LLLP. Lynx's objective is to provide a high risk adjusted return and capital preservation to Fund partners through real estate secured and equivalent investments. These loans are known as  hard money or private real estate loans. Additional details on Lynx Loan Fund, LLLP is available to investors who meet the SEC's definition of an accredited investor. In order to learn more about Lynx Loan Fund, LLLP, so that you may decide whether it fits in your investment plan and whether you qualify to invest, please inquire through this web site  or call Robert Kearney at (970) 532-4243. Lynx limits new investments in its Fund on an annual basis. This is not a solicitation to invest in Lynx Loan Fund, LLLP. An offering can only be made by the Offering Memorandum, which needs to be thoroughly understood, as this is an investment entailing risk. 



Your Source For Colorado Hard Money Loans

Colorado Hard
Money Loans

Hard Money loans are often the quickest, surest way to have the funds to acquire property, when traditional underwriting will take too long. Collateral for Hard Money Loans in Colorado may run the spectrum from raw land on the Eastern Plains to Resort Property at tree line in our beautiful Colorado high country.

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Benefits of Hard
Money Loans

Hard Money loan amounts are generally a function of the property's value, not the acquisition cost. Hard money loans are a great source of bridge financing, turnarounds, construction, rehabilitations or "fix and flips". In short, a hard money loan can make your deal happen, when you really need to make that Colorado investment work out for the better.

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Why Choose us for Hard Money Loans?

Robert Kearney has a wide range of experience in the real estate world. With experience in Construction, property zoning and rezoning, Development, lending, workouts, property investment, workouts, property management and more, this hard money lender has seen complex financings from every angle.

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